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Dutch Farm Killer Mark Rutte Poised to Take Command of NATO Forces

While serving as Prime Minister of the Netherlands, he was on the side of outlawing nitrogen.

NATO leadership is so terrified of Donald Trump that Mark Rutte has been selected to lead the coalition. In case you don’t follow European politics, while serving as Prime Minister of the Netherlands, he was on the side of outlawing nitrogen. The plan was to exterminate all the farmers. It’s the only way, the environmental mafia claims, to eliminate fertilizer use and methane emissions from livestock. Conveniently, the Dutch could use all that newly liberated farm land for low-income migrant housing. He’s about to be in charge of defending America and our allies from the Russians and Chinese.

Rutte has it locked up

All the pundits are convinced that the appointment of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as “the next head of the Western security alliance NATO” is already a done deal. Back in 2019, Mark Rutte was responsible for “the worst traffic jam in the history of the Netherlands.

In that particular protest, “more than 2,000 tractors lumbered along clogged highways during the morning rush hour.” The nation’s farmers were furious. Globalists running Dutch government declared “drastic measures” to reduce emissions of nitrogen. Those measures virtually called for the elimination of farms.

Rutte called that “the ‘fiercest crisis‘ he had faced as leader.” He was on the side against farmers. The latest crisis is the near certainty that Donald Trump will re-assume his rightful place of power in the oval office in just a few months.

They all know Trump is going to expect them to pay up all their past dues again. He may even decide to pull the U.S. out of NATO altogether. Everyone else in Europe is terrified to face Trump so nobody wants the job.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis had previously signaled interest in the position but his security council showed him the latest U.S. political polls on Thursday and convinced him to sit this one out.

He instantly “asked the council to support Rutte for his bid, putting the Dutch leader at the finish line.” Romania had been the final holdout on his approval.

The plan was to exterminate all the farmers.

Hungary made a deal

There had been one other holdout country, Hungary. Their Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, “announced this week he reached a deal with the Dutch leader that Budapest would not take part in NATO’s support for Ukraine nor would Hungarian funds be used to support Kyiv.

That’s all it took and suddenly Rutte had their vote. Currently, NATO’s being run by Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who’s “had his term extended four times, but he will finish his current term in October.” He plans to spend November in his underground bunker and see where things go from there.

The Hill notes that when Rutte “assumes the top job, he will do so at a more perilous time, with the largest land war in Europe since World War II raging in Ukraine and Russia gaining the initiative on the battlefield against Kyiv.

They point out that “NATO is also under strain from within, as former President Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, has threatened not to defend countries that do not pay enough in defense spending.

There isn’t any firm contract but all the allies are expected to kick in “at least 2 percent of economic output.” Most of them are years behind in their obligations. All the missing cash has been been supplied by the U.S. Treasury. That’s why Trump’s insistence on everyone paying their fair share carries so much weight. Without the U.S., there is no NATO.

Mark Rutte is well aware of that but thinks he can handle Trump when the time comes. It’s clear that he’ll have Brussels and the virtually unlimited resources of the Deep State behind him in that.