Dems in Panic Mode as Black Voters Abandon Biden for Trump

Progressives are in panic mode.

Black voters, traditionally solid Democrats, overwhelmingly favor Donald Trump this year. With a fiercely contested presidential election only 20 weeks away, Progressives are in panic mode. CNN’s Harry Enten got an eyeful of the latest polls and freaked out. “Look at Black voters under the age of 50. Holy cow, folks,” he exclaimed in terror. He’s “just never seen anything like this. I’m, like, speechless… We are looking at a historic moment right now where Black voters under the age of 50, who have historically been such a big part of the Democratic coalition, are leaving it in droves.” They can’t wait to get off the welfare plantation that the left has been keeping them on.

Democrats lose Black Americans

Black Americans are making it nearly impossible for Democrats to justify all the votes Joe Biden’s going to have counted in his favor, in the weeks following this year’s election. Even the blind will see the glaring discrepancy of how a candidate can “win” in a landslide after polling less popular than herpes.

Traditionally, Blacks all voted Democrat, no matter who was running. Not this time. They can see that progressive policies have brought America to the brink of destruction. Our only hope for survival as a nation lies with Donald Trump. He may be controversial but he’s the only one with the slightest chance of turning things around.

Democrats like Harry Enten are pulling their hair out. “Joe Biden was up by 80 points among this group back at this point in 2020.” He was floored the latest numbers. “Look at where that margin has careened down towards. It’s just — get this — 37 points. That lead has dropped by more than half.” He was totally gobsmacked.

Yeah. I keep looking for this to change — to go back to the historical norm — and simply put, it has not yet.” Not only that, they’re stuck backing Joe, whether they like it or not.

The problem, he explained to his on-air colleague John Berman, is more than simply a 16-point drop in Black voter support. “More than that, it’s not just that Joe Biden is losing ground.” The worst part is “that Donald Trump is gaining ground.” Enten keeps looking “for signs that this is going to go back to normal and I don’t see it yet.” It’s giving him nightmares.

If anything, right now, we’re careening towards a historic performance for Republican presidential candidates, the likes of which we have not seen in six decades.” Stuffing the ballot boxes this year could end up with half the DNC in prison, since it would be so unmistakably obvious. Democrats may have to simply let Joe take his chances in an honest contest and move to Canada before the results come in.

A historic performance for Republican presidential candidates, the likes of which we have not seen in six decades.

Black Americans for Trump

Donald Trump is well aware of the support he’s been getting from the Black community. On June 15 his campaign announced the formation of a Black voter coalition group. Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson was on hand, for a community roundtable event at “a predominantly Black worship center in Detroit.” Carson was joined by lawmakers Byron Donalds and John James.

NBC calls it “the clearest effort yet by Trump to target a voting bloc that has overwhelmingly supported Democrats in past elections.” Even the left-leaning outlet shows their anxiety by noting the Black community “has been unusually open to Trump in public polling.

Trump’s campaign noted in a followup statement that “historic rates of Black voters now support President Trump, and the reason is simple.” Everyone, including Black voters, know “that President Trump is the only presidential candidate who can deliver results on day one because he already has.

Democrats really wish that they had another candidate to stand behind but they’re stuck with Joe or maybe Kamala, if Joe suddenly keels over. They aren’t real sure which would be worse, Trump or her.

They’re calling the new coalition “Black Americans for Trump” and focusing on “unemployment rates and household income levels for Black people during his presidency.” While Joe stood frozen solid like a deer in headlights during the official “Juneteenth” celebration, his campaign launched a counter-offensive, Black Voters for Biden-Harris. You can tell how terrified they are.

The best response Biden campaign spokesperson Jasmine Harris could come up with was “Donald Trump thinks the fact that he has ‘many Black friends‘ excuses an entire lifetime of denigrating and disrespecting Black Americans, but Black voters know better — and Trump’s eleventh hour attempt at Black ‘outreach‘ isn’t fooling anyone.” Some say that’s a typical case of the usual strategy Democrats use. Telling a lie often enough that people will believe it. Trump didn’t reach out to the Black voters, they came swarming to his banner all on their own.