Democrats Freaking Out as House Splits Out Israel Aid in Border Fight


Democrats are going totally spastic with the Israel aid bill Speaker Mike Johnson came up with. It sidesteps their sneaky border extortion scheme entirely. RINOs in the Senate thought they could push through the money Joe and Alejandro need, to process more asylees on parole, by tying it to a cash payment for Ukraine. It didn’t work. Let Volodymyr Zelenskyy buy his own bullets, House conservatives shrug.

Aid for Israel only

Since they aren’t getting any help from alleged Republicans in the Senate, who are outnumbered to start with, Mike Johnson threw them a sudden Israel aid bill curve-ball. Connecticut Democrat Jim Hines went spastic over at CBS. Johnson’s move, he blasted, is “very dirty pool” and “an act of staggering bad faith.

He may not like it but they’re stuck with having to deal with it. They’re also stuck without a dime for Ukraine. All because they tried to strong arm the House with a border policy which only makes the invasion problem worse.

On February 3, Johnson announced that the House is getting ready to vote on a “clean, standalone” bill. One that would issue a check to Israel for $17.6 billion. Period. There’s not an ounce of pork or sneaky compromise on controversial issues stuck in anywhere. That’s how they all should be done, conservatives insist. The alternative is reflected by the unpalatable border bill.

Bipartisan” Senate negotiators, meaning RINO Republicans and hardcore liberals, rushed “to reach an agreement on a potential border security package that could unlock funding for Ukraine if passed.” What they came up with is worse than a joke, it’s an insult. It makes the threats to national security even worse while adding billions more to Uncle Sam’s credit card balance.

If the Senate offered a “clean” Ukraine package, like the one for Israel, the aid would speed through the House in a heartbeat. Democrats are too sneaky to even suggest it. They prefer to get help from their close friends in the closet on the red side to tie the urgent aid to their pet open border policy.

When it inevitably fell flat, declared DOA when the House heard leaks about what was in it, they fell back on standard Plan B and blamed their total failure on Donald Trump.

No border deal

Himes and all his progressive crony’s are furious because “a standalone bill to approve aid for Israel” will allow Johnson to “ultimately not do a border deal.” He figured that out all on his own. They’re afraid that nobody will pass a dime for border operations until after the election. Democrats aren’t that confidant that Joe will still be in charge then.

Trump’s team will be doing what Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas should have been doing all along. Shut down the flow and make the immigrants meet our requirements, from the other side of the border. Once they’re fully approved, then they can come in.

Rightful President Donald Trump “is not calling the shots,” Johnson countered. He came up with his solution all on his own. Democrats are especially flustered because as much as they root for the Hamas terrorists, they have to at least give lip service to the right for Israel to defend themselves. They can’t deny aid to the Jews if they expect to ever see a penny for Ukraine.

They’re now beginning to realize that their precious once in a generation “opportunity to actually get a border immigration deal done” just went down the toilet. Maybe the next generation will have better luck.

Joe Biden’s handlers rushed to get in front of cameras and soothe progressive voters. The few they have left, that is. Every day it gets harder for them to justify all the votes for Joe they already have boxed up and ready to scan. When he showed up in Dearborn, Michigan, he was met by a howling mob of Arabs waving Dump Biden signs and squaring off with riot police. They don’t want to hear about an Israel aid package. They’re still waiting for the money Joe promised Palestine.

For months the administration has been working with a bipartisan group of Senators on a national security agreement,” Karine Jean-Pierre howled. “Just as legislative text is imminent, the House Republicans come up with their latest cynical political maneuver. The security of Israel should be sacred, not a political game.” She’s mad because it’s game over and they lost.