Democrats Freak Out Over Biden Meltdown: Demand Replacement

Democrats viewing at watch-parties were left stunned and shell shocked as Trump landed one punch after another.

The political career of Joe Biden was over ten minutes into the big debate. Democrats are totally freaking out. After the 90-minute agony of watching Joe’s train of thought derail time and again, Progressives are screaming for a replacement. With Joe’s numbers plummeting in recent polls, while Trump’s keep rising, his handlers were hoping that “a strong performance would restore the president to parity, at least.” As they watched in horror, “the opposite happened.

Biden babbles and bumbles

Joe Biden performed so well at the first scheduled presidential debate that he practically guaranteed Donald Trump will be back in the White House soon. The Hill called it one of “the most dramatic presidential debates in decades.

The 90-minute pummeling “left Democrats reeling.” Joe’s presence on stage wasn’t as commanding as Progressives expected. Democrats viewing at watch-parties were left stunned and shell shocked as Trump landed one punch after another. They want another candidate but can’t figure out who. Michelle Obama says she’s never going to do it, so forget it.

Joe Biden appeared “hesitant, halting and hoarse,” The Hill describes, as he “struggled badly in a clash that he had sought in an effort to change the trajectory of a campaign he appears to be narrowly losing.” He changed the path of travel, alright.

It’s headed straight to a crater in the ground. His handlers were horrified by one gaffe after another. None of them escaped Trump, who capitalized on Joe’s every mistake and fumble.

Biden “claimed to have capped the cost of insulin for seniors at $15 per shot, when the actual cap is $35 per month.” He segued into a ramble where he confused millionaires and billionaires, “then lapsed into pauses and outright incoherence.” It must have been truly painful for Democrats as they watched Joe babble.

Making sure that we are able to make every single solitary person eligible for what I’ve been able to do with the … with the COVID. Or excuse me, with dealing with everything we have to do with. Look, if. We finally beat Medicare.” When Trump got the microphone back, he noted that was not a misstatement. Joe really did “finally beat Medicare,” as he planned all along. He did it by burdening the system with millions of illegals.

Joe Biden appeared “hesitant, halting and hoarse,” The Hill describes.

Let opportunities slip

Biden was clearly rattled as he crumbled under the questions. Democrats note that there were a few places where Joe could have turned the tables but he blew it, letting “clear opportunities slip through his fingers.” Abortion is the big hot button issue for progressives. His platform on the issue “dissipated into a confusing riff on the three trimesters of pregnancy.” Trump accused him of a willingness to kill live babies after birth and Joe fell back on simple support for Roe v. Wade as it stood for decades.

Trump was fast to point out that Roe supports such live birth abortions. As far as he’s concerned Trump thinks it should be a state’s rights issue to decide. He plans to pretty much stay out of it. That isn’t what progressives wanted to hear.

Another failed attempt to smear Trump blew up in Joe’s face. Biden brought up false reports that Trump had demeaned veterans as “suckers” and “losers.” Trump had proof he never said that and turned it around to an attack on Joe’s handling of the VA.

Trump got a chance to remind everyone how he finally gave vets the opportunity to see a doctor of their choosing at need, rather than wait for a VA doc. Joe reversed that, Trump pointed out, “just because it was started by me.

Joe didn’t do much better on any of the other big topics. Discussion of the war in Ukraine devolved into bickering and a fight over whether NATO should be forced to pay their fair share or not. Biden made a big deal out of Trump’s tax cuts for the rich. Trump threw them right back in Joe’s face by explaining those tax cuts spurred unprecedented economic growth which erased all the inflation before Joe took over.

Since then, Joe’s raised inflation back up to record numbers by regulating everything in sight. Everyone expected Trump to be the one causing trouble. “But the misstatements and exaggerations were not all from Trump, by any stretch.” Biden lied when he claimed an endorsement from the Border Patrol. Trump didn’t let him get away with that for a second.