Democrat Leader Arrested

leader arrested

Another day, another Democrat scandal. And this time, we have assembly member Wendy Carrillo, who was recently arrested on DUI charges. This incident has the potential to cause quite a stir in an already tumultuous Los Angeles City Council race.

This adds yet another layer of complexity to a race that was already highly contested due to the audio scandal involving current council member Kevin de León last year.

Online booking records for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department show that 43-year-old Wendy Carrillo was arrested by Los Angeles police around 1:30 am and booked into jail shortly after 4 am. In her statement, she confirmed she had crashed into parked vehicles before her arrest and no one was harmed.

She apologized for her actions and expressed her intention to seek help and support while remaining dedicated to her constituents and community.

The statement read:

“As a public servant, I am aware that I must adhere to a higher standard that demands personal accountability for my conduct and I accept responsibility for my actions,” Carrillo said. “I sincerely apologize to my family, constituents, colleagues and staff for any actions of mine that have fallen short of that expectation. I intend to seek the necessary help and support. As I do so, I remain dedicated to my family, my constituents and the community that I grew-up in and am proud to represent.”

This isn’t the first time an alleged DUI has affected a Democrat intra-race either. Earlier this year, state Senator Dave Min was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk which caused controversy when he went up against fellow Democratic lawyer Joanna Weiss in a battle for Congress seat Rep Katie Porter vacated. It raised questions about whether or not his electability would be affected due to his lapse in judgment.

The progressive faction within the party, including sitting councilman Eunisses Hernandez, have thrown their support behind tenant’s rights lawyer Ysabel Jurado as they look forward towards November’s election day.

Currently, two former members of the state Legislature – Carrillo and Assemblymember Miguel Santiago – are vying for de Leon’s seat with Rendon backing Carrillo while Rivas is endorsing Santiago who also has more business/labor group support from around Los Angeles area.