Connie Conway Fills Devin Nunes’ House Seat for Remainder of Term

Devin Nunes
"Devin Nunes" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The replacement for former Rep. Devin Nunes, now the CEO of Trump’s media outlet, has finally been named.

Connie Conway, a former state representative, won the special election held this week.

Conway won the runoff election and will hold the seat until January 2023.

Writing on the Wall

I always wondered why Nunes would leave a cushy congressional seat and work for Trump, who does not exactly have a reputation of being someone that is easy to work for.

This would especially be true in a new venture that was bound to have some very serious challenges.

As it turns out, Nunes saw the writing on the wall, seemingly knowing his district would be redrawn, ensuring he would lose the next election.

Even so, the seat had to be filled, and in stepped Conway to take his place, with Donald Trump’s blessing.

Conway knows this will be short-lived, but the GOP needs every vote it can get right now, so she is headed to DC for the next six months.

Conway stated, “I didn’t always have a desire to run, to serve in Congress.

“It was hard for people to grasp: ‘Why are you only running for six months?’

“If there was a place to be, Congressman Nunes would have stayed, and he would be there.”

With the news lines, the Central Valley conservatives are likely to go unrepresented, so Conway is likely to be their last representation in Congress for the foreseeable future.