Crime Scene
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It is rather astonishing the atrocities that still take place around this world.

Yet, for some reason, the United States gets hailed as a horrible country filled with extremists.

To that point, a Catholic priest has reportedly been burned alive in Nigeria.


According to local reports, Father Isaac Achi was burned alive after a gunman failed to gain entry into the priest’s home.

Since the gunman was unable to gain entry, he decided to light the home on fire with people still inside.

As one priest tried to escape the fire, the gunman was lying in wait and shot him.

According to the report, “Father Achi burned to death while another priest staying at the house, Father Collins, was shot while fleeing but survived and is currently recovering at a local hospital, Reuters reported.

“Father Achi belonged to the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in the Paikoro Local Government Area.”

Niger state Gov. Abubakar Sani Bello stated, “These terrorists have lost it and drastic action is needed to end this ongoing carnage.”

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Sadly, this is something that happens far too often in this country…

Here is a good question…

Since we are sending Nigeria more than $700 million every year, why are we not holding leadership accountable for these atrocities?

Why are the funds not behind withheld until leadership cracks down on this violence?