Breaking News: He’s Been Found Dead


On Wednesday evening, October 25, Lewinson, Maine was struck with an unimaginable tragedy that caused the deaths of 18 people with 13 more injured. A mass shooting took place at Just-In-Time Recreation bowling facility and Schemengees Bar and Grille at the hands of an armed suspect.

The suspect was identified as Robert Card, who had been subject to a days long manhunt throughout Androscoggin County and portions of Sagadahoc County. On Friday evening, October 27, sources reported that Card had been located and had passed away.

According to multiple law enforcement sources, the weapon used by Card was legally purchased days before he was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation. The gun was a Ruger SFAR chambered for powerful .308 ammunition which is favored by military snipers firing at great distances and large game hunters due to its potency compared to standard rifle ammunition.

A ballistics match has not yet been confirmed but sources believe it to be the same one used in both locations of the massacre. The FBI and ATF are currently examining it for fingerprints or DNA as well as running laboratory tests on rounds and cartridge casings found at the crime scene.

Prior to his attack at Just-In-Time Recreation bowling facility and Schemengees Bar & Grille, New York State Police had been summoned to Card’s military base in Cortlandt because he was acting “belligerently” possibly while intoxicated according to a source with knowledge of the situation. He was then transported to a hospital where he stayed overnight before being released the following day.

In addition, Army officials reported that Card disclosed feelings of “hearing voices” which led them issue him with “Command Referral” urging him seek treatment from Keller Army Community Hospital at United States Military Academy 10 days prior purchasing his gun in Maine.

It remains unclear why this tragedy occurred but hopefully investigations will lead us closer towards understanding what happened leading up this catastrophic event.