Phoenix Police
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

A major story broke in Phoenix this week that could be the next subject of rioting.

A video surfaced on social media showing a white female police officer punching a 13-year-old black girl in the face and taking her to the ground.

Sadly, the initial video and the media did not tell the full story, but Phoenix police are now releasing bodycam videos to show just how wrong everyone is.

The Video Tells the Story

After watching the initial news report, I was livid.

The local journalist was clearly framing this as though the police did something wrong.

He even cited a video with an obstructed view as though that painted a better picture of what the girl had been doing.

Not only that, but they also painted the girl as some innocent bystander that did nothing wrong.

So, before we get into the bodycam footage, watch this report…

Now, here is the initial video he was referring to that had the obstructed view…

Now, what I want you to watch is the bodycam footage from the officers on the scene…

Notice how the video from the news station does not include the foul-mouthed conversation she had with officers.

It does not include officers telling her multiple times to move away.

Most importantly, the so-called journalist on the scene did not mention that the bodycam footage clearly shows the girl punched the officer in the face.

Notice how the aunt portrays her as innocent… well, why did she allow the girl to get involved in the first place, and how about teaching her to respect the police.

When that girl rushed the officers, they had every right to defend themselves, especially considering how many ambushes have taken place recently.

IMO, the officers on that scene did everything by the book.

They had a K-9 unit in place, they set up a perimeter, they were warning people to stay away, yet this girl charged through the perimeter and tried to put her hands on an officer.

The female officer grabbed her by her sweatshirt to restrain her, and the girl swung and hit the officer in the face.

She is lucky the officer only threw hands and did not pepper spray or taser her.

These officers did nothing wrong… NOTHING.