Biden Campaign Bracing For Problems in Classified Docs Case


Just when Joe Biden’s re-selection campaign thought their problems couldn’t get any worse, they suddenly did. Members of Joe’s team “are worried that a Justice Department report on his retention of classified documents will unearth ‘embarrassing details.” Little tidbits that allegedly show Hunter’s fingerprints on them, for starters. He apparently used classified intelligence bulletins to help his efforts, peddling Joe’s influence to the highest bidder.

Classified document problems

Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign scrambled into full damage control mode because they’re about to have some serious problems. A high profile report is about to go public. On January 12, 2023, Robert Hur was appointed special counsel to investigate charges of improper document handling “following FBI searches of Biden’s post-vice presidency Washington, DC, office and Delaware mansion.

The bureau was looking for sensitive files and found some. Then, they found more. Hunter Biden’s attorneys admitted to finding at least one batch, which means there may be other classified documents which could have simply disappeared.

A year ago, Merrick Garland entrusted Robert Hur to lead an investigation nowhere. He wasn’t expecting the probe to produce evidence of wrongdoing but apparently, it has. That means serious problems for everyone.

Now, Joe’s campaign team is rumored to be hounding John Kerry to get his Deep State friends in Brussels, with infinitely deep pockets, to do something about it. This job’s so sensitive it could require a little “wet work.” Hur’s investigation might just need to be terminated with “extreme prejudice” before the report gets signed.

An insider leaked to Axios that it’s panic time. The entire Biden camp is convinced that “Hur’s team will release its final report on the classified documents inquiry as soon as this week, with information and photos that could complicate the president’s re-election effort.

That’s putting it mildly. Officially, nobody’s saying a word about these latest problems. “A spokesman for the Biden campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Penn Biden Center

It’s pretty clear to everyone that Special Counsel Hur is going to confirm that the classified files discovered by Biden family lawyers at Joe’s “Penn Biden Center think tank office in the nation’s capital” are “related to the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Iran.

Those are going to be problems the spin doctors don’t have a prescription for. What the Bidens don’t want anyone to know is why they were there and why Hunter was using them.

Even though lawyers for the Biden family discovered the records, they didn’t bother to tell anyone. At least, not right away. “The discovery was not disclosed until after the midterm elections.” Democrats thought the worst of their problems were over with the election.

After that, “Biden’s personal attorney found more intelligence files in the library and garage of the president’s Wilmington, Delaware, home that December.

Between November 2022 and February 2023, the Federal Bureau of Instigation tossed “the office, home and Biden’s Rehoboth Beach residence.” The world soon learned that “Hunter Biden had access to the files kept next to his dad’s 1967 Corvette Stingray.” He dropped that evidence into the open by leaving his laptop behind at a repair shop.

Specifically, “according to photos found on his abandoned laptop that were taken the same day he sent a threatening text to a Chinese associate that invoked his father to close a seven-figure business deal on July 30, 2017.” Those aren’t the only problems Hunter’s snapshots created. “Another photo Hunter snapped earlier that year showed a box labeled ‘Important Doc’s + Photos.