Pastor Admits to Adultery, But It Was Much Worse

Pastor Adulterer
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

During his weekend sermon, an Indiana pastor decided to fess up for his sins.

Pastor John Lowe II admitted to adultery to his congregation, then received a standing ovation, almost as though he was a victim.

It would soon be revealed there was, in fact, a victim, only it was not Lowe.


There may be no lower form of life than someone that takes a position of trust and uses it to abuse.

Lowe did that by his own admission.

When he came clean, he failed to tell his congregation all the facts.

However, the woman that he had his affair with was in attendance, and she also came clean.

As it turns out, she was only 16 when the “affair” took place…

Notice how belligerent that pastor gets when people tell him to fess up to what he did.

Had that woman not spoken, they would never have known his “affair” was with a 16-year-old little girl against her will.

Lowe has resigned from the church but it is unclear if he will face any charges after his confession.

The one image I cannot out of my head, however, is members of the congregation rushing up to pray and hug the man after that disgusting admission.

He should have been carried outside, tarred, and feathered, and instead, they treat him as though he is some type of hero.

That seems to be more of a cult than a congregation if you ask me.