70-Year-Old Homeowner Kills Intruder, Offers Advice for Future Criminals


This home intruder learned his lesson the hard way after breaking into this 70-year-old woman’s home and tried to come after her. Now, she’s offering a piece of advice for any future criminals who think they want to try to break in.

When 70-year-old Virginia Morrison was faced with a home intruder, she didn’t stand down. Instead, she grabbed her gun and defended herself against the burglar in an event that has since been described as “surreal”.

It all started when a call came in from Orange County Sheriff’s Office reporting a burglary in progress near Brentwood Street and Farrell Avenue in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately for the officers who responded to the call, it was too late for any preventative measures concerning the break-in when they arrived.

The suspect, 38-year-old Ezequiel Rosario-Torres had sustained a single gunshot wound to the chest and was barely alive. Standing nearby was Virginia Morrison – petite at just 70 years old but ready to fight for her safety.

Morrison explained that after Rosario-Torres broke into her home, she fought him off using only a broom before running away and grabbing her firearms. She then fired warning shots but unfortunately that didn’t work so she took aim at him instead and pulled the trigger – something which Morrison described as surreal afterwards because she wasn’t sure if she had actually hit him or not until looking down at his chest later on where she saw evidence of her bullet’s impact.

Deputies rushed Rosario-Torres to hospital but he passed away from his injuries shortly after arriving there.

Although shaken up by what happened, Morrison is grateful to be alive and understands full well how much power comes with owning such weapons – along with the responsibility attached to them too. Although no charges have yet been brought against her as police are still assessing whether they should or not, Morrison is still struggling internally over taking someone else’s life even if it was while defending herself against danger – something which many of us can sympathize with given how traumatic this experience must have been for her personally.

A neighbor also attested that despite being elderly Morrison is “still a tough lady” who knew exactly how handle such dangerous situations like this one quickly and effectively without putting anyone else around her at risk either.